Overheard in the studio.....

There was a discussion the other day with a client about elite athletes needing to take care of themselves. The thought was that because they use their bodies for their job, if they get injured their career is at risk; at best interrupted and and at worst over before it starts. True, but..... Which of us "regular folk" can get to work with a broken foot? It's pretty hard to dress yourself if you have a frozen shoulder or a torn rotator cuff. One has to slow down quite a lot in life to make it through the day with crutches. 

Professional athlete or not, a body in proper working order is necessary to be the most successful and productive. If your body is not working efficiently it's very likely you won't either. Pilates is a foundational movement practice that thrives on efficiency. 

Why is efficiency important? Well, let's do a quick check-in. How often do you think about your butt? Not just how it looks in those jeans, but more specifically the muscles working to keep your knees, hips, and back strong and supported. How often do you think about where your head is on your spine? It's typically not top of mind (pun intended) when scrolling through emails or Instagram (though it probably is now, right?). If we are more aware we could have more control over nagging neck pain and headaches, for instance. 

Athletes need efficiency down to the nano-second to excel in their sport. The practice of Pilates is a practice in efficiency by way of awareness. Making a mindful workout a priority reduces stress, reorganizes the body for better function, and focuses the mind to allow you to excel in your life.