3 Tips To Make Your Holiday Season Healthy and Bright!

_There is no way I could have done that yoga retreat if I hadn't done Pilates the month before. _(3).png

3 Tips To Make Your Holiday Season Healthy and Bright!

1. Just breathe. The holidays can be so stressful. And the first thing "out the window" when stress kicks in is mindful deep breaths. Pause periodically for a moment throughout the day to practice your Pilates breath to fuel your body with energizing O2, check in on places you know you hold tension, and feel your core muscles stretch and engage. Inhale..... Exhale..... Repeat.

2. Squeeze your bum! The holidays are amazing at knocking us off our regular routines and putting us in a bind. Literally. We tend to be less active because of holiday parties, finishing end of the year work, and travel - which almost certainly means we are sitting more. Taking just 5 minutes to do some basic body weight squats or laying down to do some bridges can reignite those powerful gluts on your back side. As a bonus, it will get your blood flowing and automatically wake up those deeper core muscles. Squeeze your bum and it will never let you down!

3. Roll the stress away. No matter plane, train, or automobile traveling can be stressful on the mind and body. We got you - use one of our fascial release balls to roll out your feet or work out a knot in your shoulder. A little bit of rolling can help rehydrate muscles (bright and refreshed), increase mobility (quick like a bunny), and decrease mental and physical stress (jolly as a jelly bean).