From Summer Days to Harvest Moon

There’s still summer-like weather in September, but the days are getting shorter and fall is approaching. I personally cling to the idea of summer with each warm day that lingers, mildly in denial that fall and winter are coming.

beach day.jpg

Regardless, it’s back to reality for most of us. Summer vacations are over, meetings are filling our work schedules, kids are back at school, and the “to do” list is accumulating. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed, but I was reminded recently how good it feels to not take myself too seriously - to let loose and dance, like I did at a recent bachelorette party (we danced to 80s music all night!).

house party dancing gif.gif

Since my knee surgery, I still haven’t gotten back to two things I love to do: running and dancing. Those things have always helped me when I’m feeling overwhelmed, so I’m having to get a little creative as I continue to move my way through physical therapy. In the meantime, I hope this newsletter serves as your reminder to dance (figuratively or literally) through stressful times and transitions.


We spend so much time with our heads down, barreling through crowded streets and making sure we don’t step in anything suspicious. Beyond that, technology has us zoomed in and down more so than ever before. I find myself so often reminding clients to look up and out. Even as I write this, I’m reminding myself to take a minute to lift my chin out of my chest and make sure I’m not slouching so much that I compress all the room I have to breath out of my torso. With that thought in mind, we bring you a new addition to our blog and newsletter: #lookup!

This month’s motivation to bring your head back on top of your shoulders is the beautiful Harvest Full Moon coming up on Friday the 13th and 14th. Any time I catch a glimpse of the moon in the city, I am in awe. It feels like such a special treat to see it glowing in the sky despite all the city lights. This month’s full moon is also a reminder to recognize all the hard work you’ve been doing and “seeds planted” that are now ready to harvest and enjoy. We are enjoying the harvest in the studio by having monthly instructor “hangouts” and our first networking event! Using the space in new, more full, and creative ways is feeling good!

Client Spotlight

We have so many light bulb moments in the studio - when something clicks for clients or they come up with a clever way of describing how they feel after their session - that we just have to start sharing them more regularly. We also want to celebrate their successes as they come along! Our client quote for this month comes from a newer client getting back to a routine after having her first baby.

"I'm not good at traditional meditation, but this feels like I'm getting the benefits of meditation and a workout. And my spine feels more airy now!"
- Amy