Transition Comes to The Co

Transitions. Holy shit. They’re always a part of life, but it seems like they’ve been in the air a lot recently. For me personally, for the studio, for clients, and for instructors.

There are lots of people traveling and having new life experiences that are changing the way they look at the world:

An instructor starting a new graduate program and shifting her work schedule to make room for this new way of life and all the new information she’s attaining. Clients recovering from surgery and trying to find a grounded place on a bumpy road. Others preparing for surgery and having to be ok getting interrupted in new routines they were working on. Some deciding to move to new apartments, and new houses out of the city, which changes their day to day but also their identity a little - you don’t realize you identify with your neighborhood sometimes until you leave.

In all of this, there’s a lot of unknown. It can feel like everything is turned upside down.


Transition is asking me to step up to the plate with new shifts in the studio, too.

One shift is that as of August 1, The Co Pilates is fully operating the space. After lots of deliberation, this also meant truly focusing on making this the best space it could possibly be, which means ending our collaboration with our midtown space - another significant shift. It was a beautiful lesson in taking chances and collaborating, and we are so grateful to Integrative Sports and Spine for housing our satellite location and exploring the possibilities of collaborating to support each other’s businesses and the clients we serve.

Transition can be overwhelming for sure. In times like these, taking care of ourselves is often the first thing that drops off. I’ve been working on practicing what I preach in this sense and celebrating just moving. Any movement is better than nothing. I keep learning this lesson over and over again... I always feel better when I move. And when I feel better, I handle unknowns from a better place.


In celebration of both movement and these new phases at The Co Pilates, we are excited to be hosting new events and workshops in the studio!

Coming up in September is our first ever Community Event Open House as well as a joint industry networking event co-hosted with F Squared Physical Therapy. In October, look out for our first ever Breast Cancer Workshop – a free event for anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. We are really pumped to use our cozy space with majestic views not only as a place where lots of “work” gets done, but a place to connect with all the lovely people doing all the lovely work.

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