Honoring Our Motto + Mission

We are so excited to be included in another Pilates Style issue! Catch us in the September/October issue where we share our motivation to work with those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

It also talks about our first-ever Breast Cancer Workshop, which is free for anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer no matter where they are in their path to recovery. Click here for more information or to sign up.

pilates style magazine october 2019 breast cancer
pilates style magazine breast cancer

We are really looking forward to hosting this workshop as it will be the first of many in our revamped space! Beyond that, it will be the beginning of satisfying a pull we’ve been feeling for a while now: to serve as a place to gather, share, laugh, learn, and heal.

Please excuse the cheesiness, but upon reflection of our motto and mission it just makes sense – movement is the best medicine.

So our intention with this workshop is to provide some more support and information for those who are looking to learn more about their bodies after breast cancer and provide an opportunity to connect with others who can relate to the process of recovery.


Fall is really happening! The most beautiful part is on its way and it happens quick... FALL FOLIAGE! Even in the city, there are opportunities to take a moment, put your phone away, walk a little slower, and take in the beautiful colors coming out. It’s simple and I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but slowing down, taking in some nature, and taking a few deep breaths really can change your headspace and how you feel in your body. It’s the easiest gift you can grant yourself.

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Client Spotlight

This month we want to celebrate our client, Joan, who came to us after treatment and physical therapy related to a breast cancer diagnosis. We have shared that story in detail in our past October newsletters. Since then, she has valiantly moved through another bout with cancer – this time lymphoma. Throughout another scary process and taxing treatment, she stayed positive, focused, and factored in her Pilates practice as much as she could. Just this week she let out a big sigh and said, “It’s so great to be back to this on a weekly basis. It’s so important to stay moving!”

We are honored to witness her process of healing and be a part of it. Thank you Joan!