Summer Of Favorite Things

Holy Hades! It’s soooo hot! It’s all anyone can talk about. If I had a quarter for every time a client comes in and talks about how hot it is outside…. I’d be out of office, at an exclusive pool all month! I don’t think I’m alone when I say that this type of heat has not exactly been a big motivator for me to exercise. Since what we do here at The Co Pilates is help motivate others to move, I figured I’d share a few things that have helped me stay committed to exercise this summer.


Milk Cooling Stick – This was an impulse buy standing in line at Sephora, and I looooove it! I keep it in the freezer and use it after a hard workout or after the shower. It feels so good under your eyes, eyelids, and temples it makes me want to get really hot just so I can use it.


Making work out plans with friends – Lately, I’ve been planning things with my friends that involve going to a class or meeting for a run in the park. We do this before we have a nice meal and possibly partake in an adult beverage or two (wink!). Just last week, I went for a 5 mile run with a friend and was so surprised at how well I did. I couldn’t believe it! Whenever I go for a run on my own, I usually call it quits at 3 miles…. 1. Because I get bored and lose motivation and 2. Because I’ve always worried about old hip injuries. I’ve since done several 5 mile runs with my friend as well as other types of training (including Pilates of course) and I feel pretty damn good!


Rubber Birkenstocks – Nerdy? Maybe. Comfortable? Absolutely! Since I’m on my feet most days and have a life long dancer background my feet have really taken a beating. Lately they’ve been making themselves known and getting in the way of being active. I’ve been using these little rays of slip-on sunshine as a way to show my feet some love. After a lunch seminar with Paul Ochoa of F2PT, Dr. Ethan Ciment, and Dr. Michael Collins of Chelsea Foot and Ankle several months ago, I was a little surprised to learn that as we get older our feet start to spread out and flatten. It was something I had noticed but never “officially” made the connection. It makes sense though. The joints and tissue in our feet experience wear and tear just like the rest of the our body, and can loose their shape over time. After acquiring that nugget of information, I promptly bought these rubber Birkenstocks to help heal (pun intended!) the pain I’ve been experiencing. I’ll credit adding these to my daily routine to drastically reducing the pain – hence the five mile run above!


Essential Oils – Often the heat can, how shall I say, accentuate unpleasant odor. I’ve started playing around with essential oil pairings in the studio to,  not only keep the space smelling fresh, but also facilitate a calm yet invigorating environment that everyone feels good about moving in. My two favorite pairings so far are Vetiver with Eucalyptus and Lavender with Lemon.


Parcels – I had the opportunity to experience this Australian band, Parcels, when I was at a music festival iIn ATL earlier this year. I could not help but dance! They really made me laugh and smile as I bopped around because they reminded me so much of the BeeGee’s if they were 20- year- old hipsters. Enjoy!


Remember that our bodies were meant to move everyday. I’ve been asked more than once “if I can’t exercise every day or every week, is it even worth it to start until my schedule clears up?”. My answer is always “something is better than nothing!” So, even if you only stretch for five minutes in the morning consider this permission to give yourself a gold star for moving today.

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From the heart,

Brittany and The Co